Communication and collaboration for your team, guests and business partners all in one place.

We believe in a simpler, more productive and more enjoyable work life for hospitality professionals.

With ihPRO you can interact with each other, your guest and business partners to deliver the best possible experience quickly and easily.


We believe your guest deserves a 5-star experience during their travels. Logging onto multiple apps and web sites to manager their travel details does not allow for a great experience.

With ihCities your guest stays connected to your hotel staff while managing all their travel details in one place.


We believe the concierge position should be more than a body behind a desk so we have created the “Experience Ambassador” position.

Experience Ambassadors are stationed in hotel lobbies and are mobile. They are actively looking to make someone’s day, steering guests to restaurants, shows, sights to see and more.

The hotel’s interest and our are the same so our ambassadors are actively promoting your reward programs and direct bookings.